Sagee Mountain

Sagee Mountain is an exquisite sanctuary nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Highlands, North Carolina.

A place where luxury and nature converge, this hidden gem boasts the solitary grandeur of Sagee Manor, offering a unique blend of seclusion, natural splendor, and breathtaking vistas. Unveil the secrets of this tranquil haven and immerse yourself in the elegance of mountaintop living.
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Sagee Mountain: An Exclusive Haven Above Highlands

Cradled in the serene embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Highlands, North Carolina, Sagee Mountain emerges as a unique retreat, distinct from its neighboring peaks. While nearby mountaintops have been designated as national forest or developed into residential areas, Sagee Mountain has retained its pristine condition. This secluded jewel, safeguarded by a local family until the late 20th century, has since been meticulously cultivated by two successive guardians. Today, it is the site of the exclusive Sagee Manor, offering a blend of isolation and natural splendor just minutes from Main Street, yet it provides a sense of seclusion that feels worlds apart.

Amidst the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, Sagee Mountain, crowned by the illustrious Sagee Manor, rises as a solitary sentinel above Highlands, North Carolina. Bordered by the expansive Nantahala National Park, the domain is a sanctuary of biodiversity and natural beauty. The mountain itself, a lush tableau of Appalachian flora and fauna, is a vibrant ecosystem where black bears roam and deer tread quietly through the understory of a dense hardwood forest.

Sagee Mountain, bordered by the expansive Nantahala National Park, is an enclave of biodiversity and natural wonder.

The air here is alive with the symphony of nature: the call of the pileated woodpecker, the rustle of rhododendron leaves, and the whispering winds that carry the scent of pine and the promise of seclusion. It is upon this genteel mountain, locally celebrated as Sagee Mountain, that Sagee Manor asserts its rarefied presence, standing as the sole estate graced with such vantage and solitude.

The Manor, a marvel of architectural ingenuity and aesthetic grace, is a harmonious extension of the mountain's grandeur. The estate encapsulates the summit's spirit, offering panoramic views that stretch into the horizon, where the sky meets the rolling tapestry of the national park's untouched wilderness. The grounds of Sagee Manor are a microcosm of the mountain's wider ecosystem, landscaped to preserve the authenticity of this wild refuge while providing an elegant, manicured contrast to the untamed backdrop.

Prospective buyers are not simply purchasing a home; they are becoming the stewards of a piece of Appalachian legacy.

As the sole estate atop Sagee Mountain, Sagee Manor offers an exclusivity that is rare. It is a retreat for those who seek the quiet majesty of the mountains coupled with the amenities of luxury living. The relationship between the manor and the national park is symbiotic; the park's biodiversity supports the mountain's ecological health, which in turn provides a sanctuary for wildlife and a natural filter for the air and water that sustain the estate.

Prospective buyers are not simply purchasing a home; they are becoming the stewards of a piece of Appalachian legacy. They are securing their place within a living tableau where every sunrise illuminates the symbiosis between man, architecture, and wilderness. Sagee Manor is more than an estate—it is a testament to the beauty of life on the summit, a unique opportunity to dwell where nature's beauty is omnipresent, and the silence is only broken by the sounds of the living mountain.

Highlands, NC

Sagee Manor is a remarkable 50-acre mountain top estate with breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the surrounding region.
Nestled on the southern plateau of North Carolina's majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Highlands is a vibrant village with breathtaking mountain vistas, spectacular waterfalls, and serene forests.